It is described as the longest and most extreme randonnée in Europe. Discover the landscapes , the scents and flavors in the most beautiful country in the world. Find out more at http://www.1001migliaitalia.it/

Two of our local riders, Chris van Zyl and Wimpie vd Merwe will start the 2016 Miglia 1001 in Italy on 16 August. Now you can follow their progress.

Follow our riders

Keep in mind these options are probably best viewed on a desktop pc rather than a mobile device. Chris can be tracked live on Trackimo. Check out his progress on https://app.trackimo.com/public-map/#/map?token=9vvr1rrch0dadvd6rbja8ef0qd

And Wimpie also shared his Followmee link. It updates every 10 mins and looks to be more effective than the Garmin link. See https://www.followmee.com/m/mapx.aspx?token=4101efb9-5c9d-4db6-9b90-d80320281a78

On the Miglia site

Riders can be tracked on the Miglia website in realtime as they pass the controls. This will not be used in anyway to have a final standings, only for riders friends and family to follow their progress during the ride online. See http://www.1001migliaitalia.it/

Wimpie’s Garmin

Wimpie will also can also be followed on live tracking through his Garmin for the full 1,600 km by clicking on this link: http://livetrack.garmin.com/session/d78ae5ff-8149-4622-8c3c-1c5639142f50/token/32259E47488D447A62EB61DF287DD948 (only available when they start on 16 Aug at 9pm; some test runs before then). If the communication is interrupted during the live tracking for whatever reason then he might have to post a new link, which we will also update here when available.

Whatsapp group

Wimpie will also be updating a Miglia 2016 Whatsapp group with photos, videos and commentary on his progress. If you want to be added to this group, text him on (084) 707-7772 and request to be added to the group. The group will be active for the duration of the Miglia. Should communication during the live track be interrupted, a new link will be posted here for the continuation of the broadcast.