Welcome to our ACP-approved Super Randonnée

South Africa just became the 30th country in the world to list a SR

Other hosts include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, UK and USA.

Finding new adventure

Super Randonnées are very demanding rides. You will have to be well trained for climbing, familiar with often unpredicable conditions in the mountains, and self-sufficient on long distances.

Tourist or Randonneur, you must love to climb and have a taste for effort. Choose the Tourist option if you want to enjoy the scenery without a time limit and night riding. Choose the Randonneur option if you are looking for a big challenge.

Super Randonnées will lead you over famous as well as lesser known passes and summits, presenting you with amazing scenery. You will discover the beauty of mountains at unusual hours like dusk, dawn or even at night. All Randonneurs or Tourists will keep unforgettable memories of their ride.

What is a Super Randonnée?

In short:

  1. Not a Brevet – but an SR is also verified and validated by ACP
  2. Permanent – ridden at any time of the year, provided the roads are open
  3. Distance – 600km with 10000 meters of climbing
  4. Location – mountainous areas (ours include 10 mountain passes)
  5. Time limit – 60hrs for Randonneurs or 75km/day in the Tourist category
  6. Controls – are not timed, just the above overall time limit applies
  7. Passage – photo of bicycle at each control, plus time of passage, personally completed
  8. Note – cannot be held in conjunction with another 600 BRM
  9. Self-sufficient – no support vehicles allowed

More info

The Route

You can view and download a GPX file for your GPS from either platform below.

Some gravel included

Note that finding 10,000 meters of climbing in just 600kms in South Africa was no mean feat and we had to include some gravel sections (also partly due to the current closure of Bainskloof pass due to construction). The cuesheet below clearly indicates the gravel sections. The gravel sections account for just 10% of the total distance, but include some steep climbs (as most of this route does).

Boards & photo-validation

As part of the validation process, you will receive a board that has to be attached to your bicycle and appear in all photographs, clearly visible on your bicycle, at the start and the end of the ride, as well as at all intermediate control points. Oh, and there may be a secret control as well.

Control points

Other than most of our controls on local BRM rides, the SR controls are in most part NOT at convenience stores or close to where you might find something to eat. Plan accordingly.

Questions, entries and applications


credit: featured image from File:Huguenot Monument Franschhoek.jpg – Wikimedia Commons