An Amazing ride through the French countryside

This note is about my personal experience of the Paris Brest Paris 2011 Super Randonneur event held every four years in France. A 1230km ride to celebrate the capabilities of the bicycle. It is my attempt to document what I experienced in order to assist me and perhaps others in planning future events. Warning! It contains a lot of ā€œIā€ in it and has an obsession with food! — Nigel Grey (Sep-2011).

Great read for any aspiring PBP first-timer

This comprehensive piece covers everything from qualifying for the event, getting to the start, the ride itself – the good and bad times; and a whole range of tips for others – what to take along, what would make your life easier next time, a strategy, some history, and a piece on handlebar/cyclists palsy. Get it here — Paris Brest Paris 2011 final 21052012


This is what some of our local guys have to say.

  • After a 600km Audax, the definition of what is possible in one’s entire life is substantially redefined. — Edward Thomlinson
  • Eat the elephant bit by bit. From control point to control point. And never, ever give up. — Frans Hansen
  • It’s all in the mind. Once you know this, it’s easy. — Nico Coetzee
  • Get enough sleep, don’t start too fast, eat enough, hydrate continuously, chat to others, obey the rules, be visible, stay safe, and enjoy the ride. — Everyone
  • Eat. Eat. Eat. And drink a lot. I have learned what I’m made of, when the bonk is on and there is a long way to go. — Lafras Heron
  • On the longer routes; and on the shorter ones too: start slowly and then ease up and don’t fight the hills, they’re bigger than you! Finishing is the criterion for success. — Eddie
  • Pain passes; quitting is for ever. — Socrates