2003 was another PBP year. We had 9 events, all during the first half of the year, including a full 200-300-400-600 series. View the 2003 PBP results at the Roll of Honour.


200km BRM 26 January 2003

We had a total of 27 finishers – including 9 female.

Name Club Distance Time
Linda Fouche Aurasan 200km 7hr05min
Jaco Fouche Aurasan 200km 7hr55min
Henk Venter Aurasan 200km 7hr55min
Mike Lombard Aurasan 200km 7hr55min
Alan Snelling Albion Wheelers 200km 8hr00min
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta 200km 8hr10min
Marlene Van Heerden Rockhoppers MTB 200km 8hr10min
Matthew Lane Aurasan 200km 8hr38min
Henning de Jager Aurasan 200km 8hr45min
Emmah Bosch Speke 200km 8hr58min
Per Pedersen-Hoien Speke 200km 8hr58min
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 200km 9hr10min
Malcolm Burnett Midrand C.C. 200km 9hr15min
Dave Sewell Midrand C.C. 200km 9hr15min
Rodney Giddish Midrand C.C. 200km 9hr15min
Francina Beyleveld Speke 200km 9hr23min
Deon Blignaut Speke 200km 9hr23min
Derek Mostert Speke 200km 9hr33min
Irmgard Mostert Speke 200km 9hr33min
Martin Taylor Speke 200km 9hr33min
Ansie Taylor Speke 200km 9hr33min
Chrisjan Kruger Speke 200km 9hr33min
Llze Kruger Speke 200km 9hr33min
Sean o’Donovan Speke 200km 9hr33min
Yoland o’Donovan Speke 200km 9hr33min
Edward Thomlinson Aurasan 200km 10hr05min
Marika Sillo Midrand C.C. 200km 10hr12min

300km BRM 9 February 2003

We had 18 finishers. The route followed F1 Hotel Benoni → Delmas → Cullinan → Bronkhorstspruit → Delmas → and back to the F1 Benoni.

Name Club Time  Distance
Louis Smit Aurasan 11hr30min 300km
Henk Venter Aurasan 11hr30min 300km
Joe Crouch Cresta Wheelers 11hr40min 300km
Martie du Plessis Eskom 11hr40min 300km
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 12hr07min 300km
Henning de Jager Aurasan 12hr40min 300km
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta Wheelers 12hr40min 300km
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 12hr40min 300km
Malcolm Burnett Midrand C.C. 12hr40min 300km
Rodney Giddish Midrand C.C. 12hr40min 300km
Neville Thomas Aurasan 13hr20min 300km
Trevor Thomas Aurasan 13hr20min 300km
Ernest Stipp Germiston Wheelers 13hr20min 300km
Dudley Schaefer Berg Wheelers 14hr25min 300km
George Kouverellis Aurasan 14hr45min 300km
Edward Thomlinson Aurasan 15hr55min 300km
Emma Bosch Speke 15hr55min 300km
Rob Smith Audax Australia 16hr00min 300km

400km BRM 1 March 2003

We had 9 finishers. The route followed Bensure Bowling Club → Carltonville → Potchefstroom → Orkney → and reversed the route via Roodepoort.

Name Club Time  Distance
Louis Smit Aurasan 16hr00min 400km
Henk Venter Aurasan 16hr00min 400km
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 16hr55min 400km
Ernest Stipp Germiston Wheelers 16hr57min 400km
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 17hr00min 400km
Malcolm Burnett Midrand C.C. 17hr00min 400km
George Kouverelis Aurasan 19hr42min 400km
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta Wheelers 19hr42min 400km
Rob Smith Audax Australia 19hr42min 400km

600km BRM 21-22 March 2003

We had 8 finishers. The route followed Auckland Bowling Club → Carltonville → Klerksdorp → and return via Ventersdorp.

Name Club Time  Distance
Henk Venter Centurion 31hr21min 600km
Louis Smit Aurasan 31hr25min 600km
Malcolm Burnett Midrand C.C. 35hr20min 600km
Rodney Gidish Midrand C.C. 35hr20min 600km
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 35hr20min 600km
Dylan Morgan Aurasan 36hr11min 600km
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta Wheelers 36hr11min 600km
Marlene Van Heerden Rockhoppers MBC 38hr25min 600km

200km BRM 6 April 2003

This was one of our bigger turnouts, with 67 finishers.

Name Club Time  Distance
Shawn Atkins Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Johan Grebe Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Jan Pelser Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Jacques Powell Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Richard Pretorius Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Ralph Pretorius Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Johan Rouw Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Andries Smith Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Simon Van Der Ende Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Vikus Van Derventer Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Gerhard Van Heerden Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Michael Wade Aurasan 6hr40min 200km
Ernest Stipp Germiston Wheelers 6hr40min 200km
Peter Koch Vaal Cycling Club 6hr40min 200km
Pieter Cloete Riverside Pedal Pals 6hr40min 200km
Emile Klemp Parys Cycle Club 6hr40min 200km
Johan Fourie G.S. Cycles 6hr40min 200km
Charles Naude Harmony Gold 6hr40min 200km
Salome Naude Harmony Gold 6hr40min 200km
Ockert Redelinghuis Performance Cycling 6hr40min 200km
Morne Terblanche Queens 6hr40min 200km
Kobus Janse Van Rensburg Team Barlow World 6hr40min 200km
Barney Mouton TCC 6hr40min 200km
Fred Van Der Willik Aurasan 6hr45min 200km
Frik Marx Aurasan 6hr50min 200km
Pieter De Bruin Harmony Gold 6hr50min 200km
Rooie Van Zyl Aurasan 6hr51min 200km
George Kouverellis Aurasan 6hr52min 200km
Leon Maartens Aurasan 6hr53min 200km
Fernando De Abreu Aurasan 6hr53min 200km
Han Van Domeselaar Riverside Pedal Pals 6hr54min 200km
Jannie Van Niekerk Triangle Cycling Club 6hr55min 200km
Christo Venter Aurasan 6hr57min 200km
Chris Welthagen Aurasan 6hr57min 200km
Jan Basch Aurasan 6hr58min 200km
Nick Haines Aurasan 6hr58min 200km
Francois Van Blerk Aurasan 7hr15min 200km
Jan Esterhuizen G.S. Cycles 7hr15min 200km
Karl Schuknecht G.S. Cycles 7hr15min 200km
Anton Schuknecht G.S. Cycles 7hr15min 200km
Henriette Van Staden Aurasan 7hr22min 200km
Jan Lombard Aurasan 7hr30min 200km
Hetta Lombard Aurasan 7hr30min 200km
Pierre Lundberg Aurasan 7hr33min 200km
Kobus Bosch Aurasan 7hr40min 200km
Albert Roux Aurasan 7hr47min 200km
Johan Van Staden Aurasan 7hr50min 200km
Deon Odendaal Aurasan 8hr14min 200km
Bill Dixon Aurasan 8hr17min 200km
Kim Hurst Cycle Lab 8hr25min 200km
Dylan Morgan Cycle Lab 8hr25min 200km
Madeleine Claassen Riverside Pedal Pals 8hr27min 200km
Riaan Claassen Riverside Pedal Pals 8hr27min 200km
Issie Matthee Heilbron Cycling Club 8hr27min 200km
Jay Meyer Aurasan 8hr40min 200km
Gideon Hanekom Aurasan 8hr42min 200km
Bets Hanekom Aurasan 8hr42min 200km
Gerhard Degener Aurasan 8hr45min 200km
Debra Fowler Aurasan 8hr45min 200km
Elton Prytz Aurasan 8hr45min 200km
JF Smith Aurasan 8hr45min 200km
Beverley Spires Aurasan 8hr45min 200km
Michael Partridge Midrand C.C. 8hr45min 200km
Gila Joffe Cycle Lab 8hr45min 200km
Ann Cleminson Aurasan 9hr19min 200km
David Cleminson Aurasan 9hr19min 200km
Arthur Doyle Vaal Cycling Club 9hr49min 200km

300km BRM 11 May 2003

We had 7 finishers. The route followed ESG Bus Park → Hartebeespoortdam → Derby → Magaliesburg → Derby → Lion Park → and returned to the ESG Bus Park.

Name Club Time  Distance
Louis Smit Aurasan 13hr47min 300km
Marlene Van Heerden Rockhoppers MTB 14hr45min 300km
Eddie Thomlinson Aurasan 17hr01min 300km
Gideon Hanekom Aurasan 19hr00min 300km
Bets Hanekom Aurasan 19hr00min 300km
Harry Hanekom Aurasan 19hr00min 300km

400km BRM 17 May 2003

We only had 2 finishers, riding together.

Name Club Time  Distance
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 17hr59min 400km
Rodney Giddish Midrand C.C. 17hr59min 400km

200km BRM 22 June 2003

We had 32 finishers.

Name Club Time  Distance
Gary Mason Sunward Park 6hr44min 200km
Andre Steenkamp Centurion 6hr44min 200km
Nel Frikkie Centurion 6hr44min 200km
Simon Davenal Germiston Wheelers 6hr44min 200km
Duain Webb Germiston Wheelers 6hr50min 200km
John Goddard Sunward Park 7hr00min 200km
Deon Rossouw Panda 7hr00min 200km
Ernest Stipp Germiston Wheelers 7hr20min 200km
Emma Bosch Speke 7hr45min 200km
Per Pedersen-Hoien Speke 7hr45min 200km
Michael Partridge Aurasan 8hr05min 200km
Wim Van Biljon Germiston Wheelers 8hr05min 200km
Dean Puntis Germiston Wheelers 8hr05min 200km
Neil Scholes Midrand C.C. 8hr06min 200km
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 8hr15min 200km
Peet Van Eek Germiston Wheelers 8hr15min 200km
Louis Smit Aurasan 8hr22min 200km
Christo Van Der Merwe Aurasan 8hr22min 200km
Marlene Van Heerden Rockhoppers 8hr25min 200km
Chris Naude Germiston Wheelers 8hr29min 200km
Charmaine Lotriet Germiston Wheelers 8hr29min 200km
Mervyn Abel Germiston Wheelers 8hr30min 200km
Jaco Binneman Germiston Wheelers 8hr55min 200km
Karin Baillie Germiston Wheelers 8hr55min 200km
Bill Dixon Germiston Wheelers 8hr55min 200km
Barry Shaw Germiston Wheelers 8hr55min 200km
Willem Potgieter Germiston Wheelers 8hr55min 200km
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 9hr06min 200km
Peter Hawkins Midrand C.C. 9hr06min 200km
George Kouverelis Germiston Wheelers 9hr28min 200km
Edward Thomlinson Aurasan 9hr30min 200km
Malcolm Burnett Midrand C.C. 9hr30min 200km

200km BRM 12 July 2003

We had 33 finishers.

Name Club Time  Distance
Renato Albrecht Cresta Wheelers 6hr52min 200km
Andrew Bowker Cresta Wheelers 6hr52min 200km
Jason Eveleigh Cresta Wheelers 6hr52min 200km
Errol Schafturis Cresta Wheelers 6hr52min 200km
Johan Scheepers Cresta Wheelers 6hr52min 200km
Sergi Poswkov Cresta Wheelers 7hr10min 200km
Ben Mwanje Cresta Wheelers 7hr25min 200km
Peter Naude Cresta Wheelers 7hr25min 200km
Nels Nel Cresta Wheelers 7hr25min 200km
Jason Pretorius Cresta Wheelers 7hr30min 200km
Louis Smit Aurasan 7hr30min 200km
Jurie Krige Cresta Wheelers 7hr34min 200km
Jo (F) Muller Cresta Wheelers 7hr34min 200km
Steve Amos Cresta Wheelers 7hr43min 200km
Mark Francior Cresta Wheelers 7hr43min 200km
Rebecca Hope Cresta Wheelers 7hr43min 200km
Mick Hope Cresta Wheelers 7hr43min 200km
Robbie Etzinger Cresta Wheelers 7hr47min 200km
Sven Iversen Cresta Wheelers 7hr47min 200km
Grant Lottering Cresta Wheelers 7hr47min 200km
Glenn Lottering Cresta Wheelers 7hr47min 200km
Carl Grim Cresta Wheelers 7hr50min 200km
Nigel Crocker Cresta Wheelers 7hr55min 200km
James Parkin Cresta Wheelers 7hr55min 200km
Dave Schutte Cresta Wheelers 7hr55min 200km
Chris Williamson Club 100 8hr00min 200km
Marius Borman Cresta Wheelers 8hr08min 200km
Frans Antunes Cresta Wheelers 8hr12min 200km
Ian Hamliton Cresta Wheelers 8hr12min 200km
Ken Issle Cresta Wheelers 8hr12min 200km
John Baird Cresta Wheelers 8hr15min 200km
James Femmi Cresta Wheelers 8hr16min 200km
Neil Hinsch Cresta Wheelers 8hr16min 200km