Same as last year, we also had 5 events this year.


200km BRM 8 April 2001

The Nelson – in our first event for the year we had 111 finishers.

Name Club Distance Time
Kallie Calitz Riverside P.P. 200km 6hr40min
Pieter Cloete Riverside P.P. 200km 6hr40min
Willie Gibbon Riverside P.P. 200km 6hr40min
Eben Viljoen Riverside P.P. 200km 6hr40min
Jacques Kotze Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr40min
Jacques Powell Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr40min
Johan Roux Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr40min
Andries Van Der Merwe Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr40min
Riaan Van Niekerk Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr40min
Willie Van Straaten Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr40min
Marina Britz Individual 200km 6hr40min
Gavin Grobler Individual 200km 6hr40min
Gerhard Hattingh Individual 200km 6hr40min
Amelia Werth Individual 200km 6hr40min
Franco Wellen Edenvale Pedallers 200km 6hr41min
Werner Harmse Individual 200km 6hr41min
Hennie De Beer Riverside P.P. 200km 6hr45min
Johann Viljoen Individual 200km 6hr47min
Francois Symington Individual 200km 6hr50min
Leonie Watkins Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr56min
Johnny Watkins Triangle C.C. 200km 6hr56min
Gerhard Fivaz Individual 200km 6hr56min
Lukas Koen Gary Beneke 200km 6hr57min
Willem De Beer Riverside P.P. 200km 6hr57min
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 200km 6hr58min
Johann Fourie Individual 200km 7hr00min
Emil Klemp Individual 200km 7hr00min
Johan Fourie Individual 200km 7hr00min
Leon Maartens Cresta Wheelers 200km 7hr02min
Ruhan Moolman Triangle C.C. 200km 7hr02min
Matthew Lane Aurasan 200km 7hr04min
Raymond Rossouw Aurasan 200km 7hr04min
Corrie Van Rooyen Individual 200km 7hr06min
Roelof Crafford Individual 200km 7hr07min
Shaun Davel Individual 200km 7hr07min
Christiaan Klemp Individual 200km 7hr13min
Johannes Van Eck Cresta Wheelers 200km 7hr17min
Chris Welthagen Individual 200km 7hr17min
Christo Venter Individual 200km 7hr20min
Johan Rudolph Riverside P.P. 200km 7hr25min
Gerhard Van Heerden Individual 200km 7hr25min
Jannie Van Niekerk Triangle C.C. 200km 7hr30min
Riaan Benson Triangle C.C. 200km 7hr33min
Ronel Schwartz Triangle C.C. 200km 7hr33min
Barry Macdonald Individual 200km 7hr34min
Emma Bosch Speke 200km 7hr35min
Jose Oliveira Speke 200km 7hr35min
Per Pedersen-Hoien Speke 200km 7hr35min
Pierre Jacobs Individual 200km 7hr35min
Johnny Karidis Individual 200km 7hr35min
G. Strydom Individual 200km 7hr37min
Jan Smith Gary Beneke 200km 7hr47min
Andre Marais Individual 200km 7hr47min
Denzil Snow Aurasan 200km 7hr51min
Bennie Geldehenhuys Individual 200km 7hr53min
Rita Laker Individual 200km 7hr53min
Jacobus Nel Individual 200km 7hr53min
Phillip Venter Individual 200km 7hr53min
Billy Neumann Individual 200km 7hr54min
Johan Bornman Individual 200km 7hr57min
Richard Clark Individual 200km 7hr57min
Murray Van Zyl Individual 200km 7hr59min
Eugene Etsebeth Fit-Pro C.C. 200km 8hr00min
Bennie Nel Individual 200km 8hr00min
Estelle Duvenhage Gary Beneke 200km 8hr01min
Henning Willers Gary Beneke 200km 8hr01min
Cobus Botha Individual 200km 8hr15min
Pieter Jansen Van Vuuren Individual 200km 8hr15min
Barney Mouton Individual 200km 8hr15min
Andrew Nisbet Individual 200km 8hr15min
Ian Du Plessis Individual 200km 8hr16min
Hendrik Viviers Individual 200km 8hr16min
Pat Emmot Individual 200km 8hr38min
Evan Howell Individual 200km 8hr38min
Danny Pretorius Individual 200km 8hr38min
Andre Vallengoed Individual 200km 8hr38min
Patric Barber Individual 200km 8hr39min
Rupert Bester Riverside P.P. 200km 8hr40min
Hans Tesson Riverside P.P. 200km 8hr40min
Dawie Bornman Individual 200km 8hr40min
Gavin Deveraux Individual 200km 8hr40min
Conrad Englebrecht Individual 200km 8hr40min
Trysie Englebrecht Individual 200km 8hr40min
Lana Keeling Individual 200km 8hr40min
Simon Van Der Ende Individual 200km 8hr40min
Pieter De Bruin Riverside P.P. 200km 9hr38min
Brenda Fourie Individual 200km 9hr44min
Carol Potgieter Individual 200km 9hr44min
Andre Viljoen Riverside P.P. 200km 10hr05min
Frans Labuschagne Individual 200km 10hr05min
Karin Naude Individual 200km 10hr05min
Nico Roestroff Individual 200km 10hr09min
Leon Jacobs Individual 200km 10hr12min
Niel Van Der Westhuizen Individual 200km 10hr12min
Dicky Whittington Individual 200km 10hr12min
Boyd Smit Individual 200km 10hr14min
Francois Van Eeden Individual 200km 10hr14min
Michael De Bruin Individual 200km 10hr45min
Enrita Van Der Westhuizen Individual 200km 10hr45min
Wiko Van Der Westhuizen Individual 200km 10hr47min
Johan Van Der Westhuizen Individual 200km 10hr47min
Bronwen Edwards Cresta Wheelers 200km 10hr55min
Sharwell Edwards Cresta Wheelers 200km 10hr55min
Sandra Emdon Individual 200km 10hr55min
Gayle Harrison Individual 200km 10hr55min
Fiona Kent Individual 200km 10hr55min
Lana Van Wyk Individual 200km 10hr55min
Barend Van Wyk Individual 200km 10hr55min
Michael Du Plessis Individual 200km 16hr44min
Jaco Binneman Individual 200km 70hr09min
Apie Swanepoel Individual 200km insert

200km BRM 17 June 2001

We had 17 finishers.

Name Club Distance Time
Mike Nelson Midrand Country Cyclists 200km 7hr50min
Shaun Davel Triangle C.C. 200km 7hr50min
Riaan Van Niekerek Individual 200km 7hr50min
Jannie Van Niekerek Individual 200km 8hr00min
Robert West Individual 200km 8hr00min
Trevor Jones Individual 200km 8hr25min
Cobus Botha Individual 200km 8hr45min
Barry Shaw Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr55min
William Dixon Cresta Wheelers 200km 9hr20min
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 200km 9hr20min
Dudley Schaefer Burg Wheelers 200km 9hr20min
Edward Thomlinson Aurasan 200km 9hr35min
Jaco Binneman Individual 200km 9hr40min
Carol Potgieter Individual 200km 9hr40min
Nico Roestroff Individual 200km 9hr40min
Christo Botha Individual 200km 9hr55min
Dave Scott Individual 200km 11hr11min

300km BRM 23 September 2001

We had 18 finishers.

Name Club Distance Time
Johnny Karidis Individual 300km 12hr40min
Louis Smit Individual 300km 12hr40min
Mike Nelson Individual 300km 12hr45min
Dudley Schaefer Burg Wheelers 300km 13hr00min
Leon Martens Cresta Wheelers 300km 13hr35min
Christo Venter Cresta Wheelers 300km 14hr13min
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta Wheelers 300km 14hr15min
Mark Daniels Individual 300km 14hr50min
Sandra Kim Emdon Individual 300km 14hr50min
Gayle Harrison Individual 300km 14hr50min
Emma Bosch Speke 300km 14hr55min
Per Pedersen-Hoien Speke 300km 14hr55min
Francina Beyleveld Speke 300km 14hr55min
Dean Blignaut Individual 300km 14hr55min
Michael Du Plessis Individual 300km 14hr55min
Carol Potgieter Individual 300km 14hr55min
William Potgieter Individual 300km 14hr55min
Cobus Botha Individual 300km 15hr20min

400km BRM 23 October 2001

We had 4 finishers. The route followed Roodepoort → Potchefstroom → Klerksdorp → Return.

Name Club Distance Time
Mike Nelson Midrand Country Cyclists 400km 19hr42min
Louis Smit Springs Wheelers 400km 19hr42min
Dudley Schaefer Burg Wheelers 400km 20hr03min
Cobus Botha Individual South Africa 400km 20hr43min

600km BRM 24 November 2001

We had just the 3 finishers.

Name Club Distance Time
Louis Smit Springs Wheelers 600km 34h00min
Mike Nelson Midrand Country Cyclists 600km 35hr10min
Dudley Schaefer Burg Wheelers 600km 35hr10min