We are in the analysis phase of developing a truly South African event similar to RAAM, the Transcontinental Race and Red Bull Trans Siberia. Depending on the final format, the event could be anything from 5 000 to 7 000km long (± 20 day event).

The basic rules of the event (which may look different once we have your input) are:

  1. Unsupported (like in the Transcontinental Race)
  2. Mandatory control points (at least 1 for each of our 9 provinces)
  3. Solo or 2-person teams
  4. Mainly for road bikes, but there may be some gravel roads involved, depending on the final list of control points (so have those cyclo-cross bikes on standby)
  5. GPS tracking (system will be decided at a later stage)

What we require at this stage (whether you are already thinking of entering or not) is a list of historical or significant South African places/sites and mountain passes that you would like to see included as control points – remember we need at least one control per province.

Please send this and any other relevant information to Gerhard van Noordwyk at