Advance info for the Feb 300km —

Ride Notes

  • Route and controls for the 300km are unchanged from the 2014 edition.
  • Start time has been moved 1 hour earlier to 3am – hopefully more cooler morning riding, and lighter traffic around Villiersdorp
  • A few minor corrections have been made to the cue sheet distances and directions
  • There is a quaint riverside venue just beyond Rawsonville (Die Eike) at the start of the Slanghoek valley. Riders who did the 600km will remember this as Peter’s magnificent roadside control with chairs, coffee, and all manner of snacks and supplies. He’ll be on a bike with us this time, but you are still welcome to use the cafe as the 2nd control stop for this ride if it is open and suits your riding time.
  • As before — do not miss the short leg out to the 4th control at Riebeek West.  Without this your ride will be under distance and not validated. You are free to use the back-street route through Riebeek Kasteel though if you know it – it makes no difference to overall distance.

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Additional 2015 Cape events

We’ve had a couple of enquiries about the possibility of adding events beyond the last scheduled one in April – e.g. to fill in the gaps with a 2015 SR award or PBP qualification where riders are unable to ride one of the current events. There is also the possibility of a DNF on one of the remaining rides which could damage PBP hopes.

Additional events have been added in the past to help out in such cases – and we’ll do our best this year too. The current plan being that we will pick a weekend in early May which suits all riders still needing qualifying brevets, and schedule the missing rides for that weekend. We may run more than 1 brevet of different distances on that weekend, depending on who needs what distance to complete their series.

The exact details we’ll decide nearer the time – but start looking at free dates in your May calendars if you know already this may apply to you, so we can begin to consider dates.

Needless to say, if the interest is there, we’ll be more than happy to add further events through 2015 to help riders stay fit for PBP, perhaps attempt a RRtY award, or just to give an excuse to get out on the bike with friends.