Here are some photos of the past weekend’s 300 of the front group. Three of us consolidated at Klapmuts and rode the day together. We were thankful to have had no mechanicals, though our bikes, towards the end, looked like as if we played in the cat’s sand box.

The weather was freezing cold and wet. I reckon we were close to freezing point at times. Somewhere close there must have been snow on the peaks. The rain drop in the eyes coming down the 2 passes were like icicles. Stops were very short in duration because rigor mortis set in very fast when you do stop, being soaked from head to toe. At Riebeek west was the first dryness of the day and the first rays of sun just after Malmesbury.

We got sunrise in Wellington at Steers after 2 of the 3 bike’s lights went out at the foot of Bainskloof. Going up and down the pass in pitch black and in mist was very adventurous. We all prayed that the rider with the light rode his light long enough on dims to last till daybreak. Follow the leader had a new meaning. When 3 masked men walked in at Steers they thought it was a stick-up, but we just settled for burgers!

The wind was merciful towards the end, giving us that needed push to finish within the 12 hour mark.