Here we go → Test route: 1000 kms & 9500 metres of climbing in 75 hours.



It is a new long distance challenge for South Afrifca. It provides a training opportunity for the PBP. And we want to test the format and route for an offical 1000 BRM at a later date. The latter being a requirement for the Randonneur 5000 award as below.

Thinking ahead

To qualify for the R-5000 award, the randonneur must complete a full series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000km), a PBP, a Flèche Vélocio or similar, plus additionals BRM’s to bring the total distance up 5000 km, within a 4 year period. Read more on and

Official status

There is a slight chance that this might still become an official 1000 BRM and this will be communicated in due course. But for now, assume that this will only be a test ride. And a practice session for PBP.

Time limit

The official time limit for a 1000km event would be 75 hours, so minimum speed including stops would be 13.33km/h. Starting times, controls and cue cards will be created in due course.

Starting time

We have 75 hrs in total. So to end by no later than 00:00 on Sunday evening we have to start at 9pm on Thursday 18 June 2015, which is 3 hours before the initially proposed start date of Friday 19 June.

Route overview

We will run a cloverleaf format over 3 legs/days. Thanks to Rob for plotting the routes. It’s not easy to fit in so many kms on safe and scenic routes without overlapping. Herewith an overview – small changes still possible.

[table class=”table table-bordered”]


Leg 1,19-Jun,444km,3400m,Velddrif (Green)

Leg 2,20-Jun,281km,3100m,Kleinmond (Blue)

Leg 3,21-Jun,293km,3050m,Tulbagh (Red)




Some options below. Or you can do your own thing. Kindly email with your plans.

  1. You can bring a mattress & sleeping bag and use the tasting room at to catch a few hours sleep between different legs.
  2. If you want to camp out in a tent or caravan there will be space available on the lawn behind the tasting venue.
  3. Depending on numbers and times I can also host a few people at my house.
  4. Alternatively you can book at Wild Clover across the road, see

Open invite

With PBP around the corner, we’d love to have as many AURASAN members as possible.


We’d like to gauge interest. If you plan on riding, kindly leave your details on the Entry page. You can still change your mind afterwards.

Planned route

Overview –


Small adjustments still possible.

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3