The upcoming 400 will follow the same West Coast route is the same as we used in November 2014: Please note the map route is a little incorrect in Langebaan – follow the brown signs to the West Coast Park left up Sunbird drive. The GPS track wants to take you along a dirt road at this point. It will be obvious very soon if you’ve gone wrong, so not too much to worry about!



  1. Brevet 400km 21Mar2015
  2. Control Times_400_21Mar15
  3. WC_2015_400ControlCue

West Coast Park

As before, please ensure you carry an additional R50 entrance fee for the West Coast park. Entry forms can be downloaded and completed in advance to save time:

Safety Driver

We have no volunteers for safety driver as yet, but we do have surplus in the kitty to offer fuel money. So please ask around. The ideal would be to have someone who will drive safety until at least the 3rd control (Moorreesburg, 121km) and also provide a roadside control and access to water/food bags at the 2nd control in Riebeek Kasteel. Beyond this is less necessary, and also harder to manage as groups tend to get very spread out.


#1 Stellenbosch – We take a short hop back into Stellenbosch to the 24hr McDonalds on Merriman for the first control, the little detour adding enough distance to make it to the full 400. It’s best to stay in groups for this part at least to ward off any unfriendlies (or over friendlies) still out partying. #2 Riebeek Kasteel – it’s very early when we pass this control. If we have no safety driver providing a roadside control, then please get an ATM slip as proof of passage. #3 Moorreesburg – there were garages open early for a coffee and till slip on our last ride of this route.

Hopefield is not a control, but we did find a friendly café who opened for breakfast for us around 7:30. We’ll try and call her again this time and see if she’ll be open at that early hour again. Note though, if we do have a safety driver still with us at this point YOU MUST NOT ACCESS ANY OF YOUR BAGS OR GET SUPPORT FROM THEM HERE. You are welcome to buy them breakfast though!

#4 Veddrif and #5 Saldanha – there will be places open by this time for card signing and/or receipts. #6 Yzerfontein – make sure you take the right turn off the R27 and into town to visit the Spa shop. Don’t let the horse see the stable at the R27 crossroads and bolt left for home too soon! #7 Malmesbury – our old favourite, let’s hope for a break from the wind home this time!

We will have a proper drop-box in place at the end to leave your cards if Vrede is not open when you finish.

Riding Groups

There is no requirement to ride as part of a group on Audax, but on most of our rides we have had a fast paced group blazing away upfront, and the full-value group at the back as a sort of Audax Autobus, with a typical pace around the 20Km/h mark. For the 400, Wimpie van der Merwe has offered to form a middle group at a pace of around 25km/h for those who find the front group too fast, and the rear group too slow. No obligation of course, but bear it in mind if you want to ride in a group on the day.