Cycling is not all work and no play. You have done the hard miles. The total number of combined kms travelled during the Western Cape Audax events was just shy of 12,000. That is more than cycling around the circumference of the moon. Or, as the crow flies, from Cape Town to Greenland.

Which means we all deserve some beers.

So we’ll be having a small get-together after the first ride of 2015 – which is the 200kms on the 17th January 2015. You can have a shower/change at Vrede after the ride and then join us to exchange stories and receive your 2014 medals. And if you are not cycling on the day then you are still more than welcome to join. Friends & family welcome. RSVP. Just pop an email to that we can get an idea of the numbers.

beer for all

[table¬†class=”table table-bordered”]

Event,Riders,Total kms

200km in September,7 finishers,1400 kms

300km in October,3 finishers,900 kms

400km in November,9 finishers,3600 kms

600km in December,10 finishers,6000 kms

All combined,29 finishers,11900 kms


Fines will be awarded for the following

  1. First time 600km riders
  2. First 600km on a MTB!
  3. Best support crew
  4. New PB’s for distance
  5. Fastest randonneur
  6. SR status
  7. Biggest WC 600km to date – multiple fines
  8. Best Zombie impression whilst still pedalling
  9. Adding unnecessary hills at the end of a long ride
  10. And any other ad hoc fines on the day


Happy Holidays

Thank you for wonderful rides, route planning, admin, organisation and support. Enjoy the holidays. Travel safe. And see you in 2015.