Dear Audax SA riders,

Below is a summary of a letter sent out to all Audax UK riders by Chris Crossland their chairman. I feel that it is beautifully explained and written and cannot do better myself:

Audax SA will suspend recognition of all calendar events for 2020 with immediate effect, until further notice.

Our priority has to be the health and safety of all our riders and the wider community. Long distance riding poses two fundamental problems with regard to Covid19:

Firstly, infection control. The importance of hand hygiene has been stressed by authorities and is not always possible on long rides.  Control points and cafes bring riders into contact with volunteers and the general public, thus increasing the risk of the virus being spread. Rider fatigue may also affect susceptibility and resilience to infection.

Secondly, as well as a risk to riders and the public, a repetitional risk to Audax SA attaches to this.

We hope that all riders will appreciate that this decision was not taken lightly. All payments rolled forward to future events will be fully refunded on receipt of bank details Keep safe, keep your social distance and keep healthy.


Michelle Gahan and the Audax SA committee