The Evita Bezuidenhout Boulevard in Darling used to be the Old Moorreesburg Pad.
The Evita Bezuidenhout Boulevard in Darling used to be the Old Moorreesburg Pad.

Evita se Audax

Western Cape 200km BRM


Full advantage is taken of the shortest of our Cape Audax series with a more civilized 6am start and, for those not chasing a personal best, the chance for a cup of coffee and hearty breakfast at the first control – the Du Vlei padstaal in Hermon.

From there we enjoy the short climb over Bothmaskloof Pass followed by the fast flowing run down into Malmesbury. There is no need to stop on the way through, but note the location of the Engen/Wimpy as this will be the final control on the return journey.

Logo3The leg out to our second control is the very essence of gently undulating Swartland farmland. On a clear day you’ll see Darling way off in the distance but don’t be fooled, there’s still a couple of rollers to overcome before you get there. The Spa in the centre of town is a convenient quick stop if all you need is water and a control card stamp or receipt. If you fancy a longer break and didn’t already stop for food there’s a few cafes in town, one directly opposite the Spa. Few Randonneurs ever take the diversion to the legendary Cape home of Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout, Evita se Peron, but if you have time then feel free to explore.

With that all important 2nd control stamp on our cards, we head back across the rollers to Malmesbury for the final control of the day. If you stop in at the Wimpy do not be surprised if they greet you with a familiar smile. It’s become a regular haunt of the Cape Randonneurs for a last coffee or toastie before the journey home, and the staff have been known to enquire where you mad cyclists have ridden today.

Perhaps we shouldn’t comment too much about the final 50km back to Vrede lest we tempt fate. Let’s just say on a lovely afternoon without wind it can be a glorious stretch to finish any ride – but this is the Cape, and we all know how often that happens! So keep something in your legs, or make sure you have a much bigger fellow Randonneur to hide behind.


Please arrive in good time to kit-up, sign-in, and hear the pre-ride briefing given 10 minutes before the start. Make sure you carry sufficient spares, food and water.

Route cards must be stamped or signed at control points, and include time of arrival. Receipts from shops, ATM etc. are also acceptable as long as they clearly show the location, date and time, and are included with your completed brevet card.

Leave completed brevet cards in the drop box at Vrede at the end of the ride. If there is no one at Vrede to sign your card at the end, the Wild Clover cafe opposite is open until 10pm. They do great beer and pizzas too! If Wild Clover is closed there is a 24hr garage at the Khrom Rhee / Bottelary junction a little further on.

Please notify one of the contacts on the back of the brevet card if you decide to retire from the ride. Ensure you are familiar with Audax SA Rules and those of the ACP.

Enjoy the ride.

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