Issue #29 of Into CYCLING ( reports on Grant Lottering, former SADF Cycling team mate who podiumed with me in the 1987 amateur world championship in Belgium, doing a solo fund raising event this May. Into CYCLING deems this the most brutal solo attempt ever undertaken in SA (sic). Grant will do 1,340 km, ascending 16,000 m within 96 hours. This is on behalf of the Laureus Sport for Good foundation.

Not many cyclists can accomplish what Grant undertakes, though Into CYCLING might not be aware that there is a special breed of cyclist out here in SA that does what Grant does, just for the fun of it and for training. They do it monthly AND without accompanying support. Having a vehicle follow you with supplies and to assist in mechanical breakdowns makes it so much easier. These cyclists are slightly crazy (it helps a bit), are a breed of their own, strong minded and strong willed, emotionally stable, independent and level headed. These are the AUDAX stallions and mares.

If you are a motorist and driving at night between here and nowhere and see a row of red lights in the distance you might be passing Audaxers on their way, having missed their second or third night of sleep, on their way to their destination. So, if you deem yourself an Audaxer, be proud of yourself. You are competing and participating with the best in the world. You are accomplishing what less than 0.01% of international cyclists are doing!