The 600km BRM on the 21st/22nd March will follow the same Route and procedures as the one held on the 29th November 2014.

  1. 600km BRM 2015 03 21 – 1st Leg
  2. 600km BRM 2015 03 21 – 2nd Leg

To recap

The entry fee is R130. And the start at the Lido Hotel is advertised as 03h00. However if there is a UNANIMOUS request to start at 02h00 and that request is received before the 14th March accompanied by an Entry Form and p.o.p. it can be altered.

There will be a facility as on the previous event to sleep over at the DRC in Greylingstad together with the provision of a meal.  Please advise if there are special meal requirements. This will push the entry fee up to R250, to cover the costs and a donation to the Church. Mattresses will be provided and transport for your bedding from the Lido to Greylingstad and return.

There will also be a ‘bag drop’ in Greylingstad for everyone/anyone. Should you not wish to take advantage of this facility you may nevertheless make use of the facilities;  kitchen, dining room, shower and toilets and space on the floor for a snooze which will boost the entry fee to R180.

In and out: the fee is R130. Entries at the start will not be accepted and neither will entries received after the 14th March.

Herewith the 2015 Calendar

Please note that the venue for the 200km BRM on the 22nd March has been changed from the Hub Cycles at Rietvlei to the Lido Hotel.

2015 events

Safe cycling.

— Eddie.