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Route sheets

Have a look at the PDF route sheets for various distances:

600km Sample route

Google maps

Herewith a sample 600km route plotted on google maps. Don’t get too worried about the finer details, as google only allows you to plot up to a certain number of points – so the map below is not meant to be 100% correct, but rather to give you an idea of the route and the various check points. This is essentially a circle route, starting at the Lido Hotel, and returning there after about 350kms. This is a great opportunity for a hot meal, a shower, some fresh kit and maybe an hours’ sleep – whereafter the second 250km circle starts.

[table class=”table table-bordered”]

Nr,Checkpoint,Next CP,Cumul.,Opens,Closes

Start,Lido Hotel,61 km,0 km,Sat 03.00,N/A

1,Heidelberg,75 km,61 km,Sat 05.00,Sat 07.00

2,Vaal truck truck inn,39 km,137 km,Sat 07.30,Sat 12.06

3,Frankfort safari,40 km,148 km,Sat 08.54,Sat 14.05

4,Vaal truck inn,75 km,218 km,Sat 10.20,Sat 17.40

5,Heidelberg,53 km,294 km,Sat 12.50,Sat 15.36

6,Lido hotel,61 km,347 km,Sat 14.30,Sun 02.10

7,Nigel,36 km,409 km,Sat 16.40,Sun 06.15

8,Devon,40 km,444 km,Sat 18.00,Sun 09.00

9,Balfour,37 km,485 km,Sat 19.10,Sun 11.20

10,Nigel,74 km,521 km,Sat 20.20,Sun 13.45

11,Henley-on-klip,31 km,572 km,Sat 22.00,Sun 17.06

Finish,Lido Hotel,0 km,603 km,Sat 23.00,Sun 19.00


Return to Lido hotel. 600kms. Overview below. Click here to view a live google map.

600km BRM


Sample routes CPT


Various route profiles

Created by Nigel Grey, using http://www.openrunner.com/. Sample of the Cradle of Humankind loop 200km route profile/elevation below:


PDF files – 1 page overviews:

  1. 200km – Benoni, Delmas, Devon, Balfour, Nigel and back
  2. 200km – Bike Hut through Nigel to Devon and back
  3. 200km – Cafe Cirque, Lido, Henley, Heidelberg, Vereeniging and back
  4. 150km – Sunninghill, Pretoria, Centurion, Bronkhorstspruit and back
  5. 200km – Rhino & Lion park, Magaliesburg, Cradle of Humankind loop
  6. 300km – Benoni, Heidelberg, Vereeniging, Nigel, Balfour, Delmas and back

Live maps – in the same sequence as above:

  1. 200km, 1169m climb – Benoni/Balfour – openrunner/?id=1269440
  2. 200km, 1034m climb – Bike Hut/Devon – openrunner/?id=1269495
  3. 200km, 1099m climb – Cafe Cirque/Heidelberg – openrunner/?id=1269516
  4. 150km, 1389m climb – Paulshof/Bronkhorstspruit – openrunner/?id=1269583
  5. 200km, 1732m climb – Cradle of Humankind loop – openrunner/?id=1269872
  6. 300km, 1856m climb – Benoni/Balfour/Delmas – openrunner/?id=1345186

Route profiles for various 200-300km events:

Submitted by Frans Hansen.


GPX files

GPS coordinates supplied by Johan Meyer. Zipped files for smaller downloads and better security. If you cannot extract the files, get this free app from rarlab.com. And if you don’t have any Garmin or GPX ready software to open the files, use this free online tool to upload & open the route profiles – http://maplorer.com/view_gpx.html.


KML files

Supplied by Ernst Stipp. Also zipped files, for smaller downloads and better security. If you cannot extract the files, get this free app from rarlab.com. And if you need Google Earth, get it here – http://www.google.com/earth/