14 June 2015 200km BRM

Herewith the route sheet – 200km BRM 2015 06 14

5 July 2015 Nigel Wimpy 7am

The 5 July 2015 event will be starting and finishing at the Nigel Wimpy; start time 07h00. The route will be Nigel → Devon → Balfour → Greylingstad → Balfour → Devon → Nigel. A detailed Route Sheet will be sent upon receipt of an Entry Form and Proof of Payment. R90 if received before Monday 29th June.  R110 if later and R130 if entering at the start.

As in previous years the congregation of the DRC will be providing snacks and liquid refreshments at the Control in Greylingstad: a donation to the Church funds will be appreciated in this regard.

2014 Awards

Super Randonneurs and the Randonneur of the Year. This event has been delayed this year on account of ACP/RM running out of SR medals and then Postal Services (sic) strikes.

This will take place on the 21st June 2015, from 11m at the Lido Hotel Eikenhof. The Lido provides a buffet lunch and a selection from an a la carte menu. With a bit of luck pizzas will be back on the menu by then. Come early and have a mini audax; bring or arrange to meet your family and friends and give them a chance to meet some real cyclists.   There is plenty space, a swimming pool (brrr) and a jumping castle to keep potential audax riders occupied.

RSVP – please notify Eddie on tet@telkomsa.net at least a week before the event if you would like to join.

Mailing list

Aurasan’s mailing list has grown exponentially over the last few years and there is now a need to prune it. Anyone who has not entered an event after the 1st January 2011 to date will be removed unless there is a specific request to be left on. This will not apply to any Super Randonneurs nor Paris-Brest-Paris participants; who are obviously Super Randonneurs (just in case you ask!).