The 2013 Year-End Function/Awards Ceremony will be held at the Lido Hotel, Eikenhof on Sunday the 30th March 2014.

The following awards will be presented for consistency of performance during 2013:

Number of BRM’s

  • Michelle Gahan – 6x BRM completed
  • Denis Braithwaite – 6x BRM completed
  • Gillian Critcher – 6x BRM completed
  • Ernest Stipp – 6x BRM completed
  • Barry Shaw – 7x BRM completed
  • Kenneth Wilson – 8x BRM completed

Super Randonneurs

  1. Nico Coetzee
  2. Ernest Stipp
  3. Nigel Grey
  4. Michelle Gahan

Randonneur of the year – Michelle Gahan

Everyone interested in the Randonneuring ethos is welcome. Bring your bike and have a ride before relaxing with partner, friends, family, pets, et al.  Aim to be there for 11h30. The usual lido hotel fare will be available as well as the Sunday buffet at R120 a head. There is a pool in which to cool off as well as a castle for the children and plenty of space for them to run around.

2013 Statistics

  • 16 Events, 206 Brevets
  • 17x 200km BRM = 35,600 kms
  • 18x 300km BRM = 5,400 kms
  • 6x 400km BRM = 2,400 kms
  • 4x 600km BRM = 2,400 kms
  • Total = 45,800 kms