Photo gallery

WC600, December 2014

Pics by Peter Muller


600km, November 2014

Pics by Leonard Welthagen


Panoramic photos by Gary vd Merwe



600km, March 2014

Photos by Ernst Stipp


Photos by Leonard Welthagen


400km, February 2014

Photos by Leonard Welthagen


400km, December 2013

Photos by Ernst Stipp


Random pictures from around May to October 2013 by Nigel Legge


300km, March 2013

Photos by Ernst Stipp


2011 Paris-Brest-Paris


200km, September 2011


LTR: KennethBarryNigel and Denis – at Henley on Klip.



Still waiting to get some more images on here, meanwhile we have the worlds best placeholders – quality images by Gary Perkin, as found on the world’s leading bike magazine –

Follow Gary and check out some of his amazing photos: