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If you wish to have your Brevet returned to you after it has been homologated please enter your full postal address in the space provided.

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I, the undersigned, accept that I consider myself on a private excursion and that the organisers are responsible only for providing a route and time checks, and will rely on my own arrangements in the event of failure to complete the course. I accept that the organisers will not be held responsible for any accidents caused to me or by me to a third party. I agree to abide fully with the regulations for the event. I note, in particular, that I am responsible for ensuring that my machine complies with current Road Traffic Act Regulations and is in a roadworthy condition. I have read the rules and regulations relating to these events and agree to them.

Parental consent

This is required for entrants under 18 years of age who must be accompanied at all times by an adult participant. Parents should note that routes cannot always avoid trafficked roads and may cover high and exposed ground. Some routes are a severe test of stamina and cycle control. They should also be aware that, unlike normal cycle runs, there is no leader as such. Entrants must consider themselves as being on a private excursion and rely on their own arrangements in the event of failure to complete the course. Responsibility for roadworthiness is that of the entrant.


By submitting my entry below I confirm that I have read the rules and regulations relating to these events and agree to them. Events held under the regulations of Audax Randonneurs of South Africa (North). Affiliated to Audax Club Parisien / Randonneurs Mondiaux.

Entry fees

  • Pre-entries for 200, 300, 400 km events → R150
  • Pre-entries for 600 km or longer events → R200
  • Tandems → individual entry plus 50%
  • This includes your medal

Western Cape entries are payable in cash at the event.

Bank details for Gauteng events

  • FNB, Bedford Gardens
  • Account name: Aurasan
  • Account number: 50281143476 
  • Branch number: 252155
  • Reference: your name & surname

Proof of payment for Gauteng events

  • Send proof of payment to or fax to (086) 628-0437
  • Postal address: Aurusan, PO Box 2344, Clareinch 7740 Cape Town.

Watch this clip on how to prepare for an endurance ride

In short:

  1. Sleep – start well rested in order to enjoy the ride
  2. Breakfast – make it count, slow release carbs, high energy
  3. Bike – check tyres, chain, gears, cables, bolts, clean & lube
  4. Clothing – have a good pair of shorts, and test it beforehand
  5. Cream – apply anti-chaving cream before the damage has been done
  6. Layers – can be removed or added according to the weather
  7. Pack light – but keep in mind that the weather can change quickly
  8. Fluid – take 2x 750ml bottles, drink within 2hrs, refill & repeat
  9. Food – aim to eat at least 1 solid every hour, and stock up en route
  10. Tools – take a pump, tubes, bombs, multitool, chainbreaker & links