We had 15 events for the year. Burry was tragically killed just as 2014 started. And on a lighter note, Greg Minnaar became UCI World Champ for the 3rd time, on home soil.

RIP Burry Stander

On 3 January 2013, South African Olympic mountain biker and world champion Burry Stander was killed in a road accident while training near his home.

Greg Minnaar – UCI World Champion in PMB

Greg Minnaar did for SA mountain biking what the Springboks did for SA rugby in 1995. What is spectacular weekend in Pietermaritzburg. And yes, we were there.

600km BRM 25-26 January 2013

We had 4 finishers. This event started and finished at the Lido Hotel.

Name Club Distance Time
Nico CoetzeeCentral Gauteng Direct600km35hr50min
Nigel GreyClub 100600km35hr58min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers600km35hr58min
Gillian CritcherCresta Wheelers600km35hr58min

200km BRM 26 January 2013

We had a total of 17 finishers.

Geoff O'MalleyCycle Lab200km8hr40min
Colleen LightbodyCycle Lab200km8hr40min
Nick HainesComplete Cyclists200km8hr40min
Dot HartmannCycle LAB200km8hr40min
Grant CowenAurasan200km9hr55min
Minnie CowenAurasan200km9hr55min
Louis Van BlerkAurasan200km10hr40min
Roehann NiemandAurasan200km10hr40min
Frank Janse Van VuurenAurasan200km10hr40min
Godfrey TiedemannAurasan200km10hr40min
Dan Van TonderAurasan200km10hr40min
Peter GazzardCresta Wheelers200km10hr40min
Grenville MillsComplete Cyclists200km10hr40min
Manie NaudeKempton Pk Cycling200km10hr40min
Richard DavidsonEdenglen200km11hr15min
Arnold KressingEdenglen200km11hr15min
George KouverellisAurasan200km11hr35min

200km BRM 24 February 2013

We had 8 finishers. The route followed The Hub at Rietvlei → Nigel → Devon → Nigel → and back to The Hub.

Gray ToddAurasan200km8hr25min
Rob WestAurasan200km8hr25min
Patrick CookeAurasan200min8hr25min
Grant CoxAurasan200km8hr25min
Peter GazzardCresta Wheelers200km9hr10min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers200km9hr10min
Gillian CritcherCresta Wheelers200km9hr10min
Michelle GahanCycle Lab200km9hr10min

300km BRM 24 March 2013

We had 9 finishers. The route followed Lido Hotel → Nigel → Vaal Truck Inn → Three Rivers → Henley on Klip → Steppes → Klipriver rd → and back to the Lido.

Peter GreylingAurasan300km12hr20min
Hanroux du PlooyAurasan300km12hr20min
Johan ConradieClub 100300km12hr20min
Ernest StippAurasan300km13hr50min
Gillian CritcherCresta Wheelers300km13hr50min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers300km13hr50min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers300km13hr50min
Michelle GahanCycle Lab300km13hr50min
Nigel GreylingClub 100300km13hr50min

400km BRM 21 April 2013

We only had the 2 finishers for this event. The route followed Lido Hotel → Henley on Klip → Dasville → Lido Hotel → Heidelberg → Devon → Nigel → and finished at the Lido.

Nigel GreyAurasan400km17hr45min
Ernest StippAurasan400km19hr33min

200km BRM 26 May 2013

We had 29 finishers. The route followed Wimpy Nigel → Devon → Balfour → Greylingstad → Balfour → and back to the Wimpy Nigel.

Frans HansenAurasan200km7hr30min
Godfrey TiedemannAurasan200km7hr30min
Johan Van RooyenAurasan200km7hr30min
Werner HeinrichGermiston Wheelers200km7hr30min
Jason WallaceGermiston Wheelers200km7hr30min
Desmond HayesGermiston Wheelers200km7hr30min
Dennis TessendorffAurasan200km8hr03min
Gerrit VisserAurasan200km8hr03min
Guillaume ErasmusAurasan200km8hr03min
Ernest StippAurasan200km8hr03min
Leonard WelthagenAurasan200km8hr03min
Andrew McMurrayClub 100200km8hr03min
Nigel LeggeROAG200km8hr03min
Robert TwiggAurasan200km8hr27min
Mervyn AbelGermiston Wheelers200km8hr27min
Simon DavenallGermiston Wheelers200km8hr27min
Yvette FerreiraGermiston Wheelers200km8hr27min
Etienne FerreiraGermiston Wheelers200km8hr27min
Ryan SwitalaCycle Lab200km8hr27min
Nathanial SimpsonCenturion200km8hr27min
Nigel GreyAurasan200km8hr31min
Gillian CritcherCresta Wheelers200km8hr31min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers200km8hr31min
Gary Van Der MerweCresta Wheelers200km8hr31min
Michelle GahanCycle Lab200km8hr31min
Daniel MeyerAurasan200km9hr27min
Abraham LourensSunward200km9hr27min
Matthys LourensSunward200km9hr27min
Tonia CasonRoute 42200km9hr27min

200km BRM 30 June 2013

We had 41 finishers. The route followed Pro Cycles in Benoni → Heidelberg → Dasville → and back to Benoni.

Frans HansenAurasan200km7hr20min
Gerrit Von WeillighGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Marthinus ScheeprsGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Willem KrugerGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Phillip BennettGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Desmond HayesGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Yvette FerreiraGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Etienne FerreiraGermiston Wheelers200km7hr20min
Johan ConradieClub 100200km7hr30min
Robert RostollAurasan200km7hr32min
Richard BakerClub 100200km7hr42min
Robert TwiggAurasan200km7hr44min
Len HartlettAurasan200km7hr45min
Dave De JagerAurasan200km7hr45min
Joey De JagerAurasan200km7hr45min
Godfrey TiedemannAurasan200km7hr45min
Andrew McMurrayAurasan200km7hr45min
Hendrick BeeslaarAurasan200km7hr45min
Meryn AbelGermiston Wheelers200km7hr45min
Nigel LeggeROAG200km7hr45min
Michael RozanskiAurasan200km7hr50min
Sunette HayesGermiston Wheelers200km7hr50min
Michael HayesGermiston Wheelers200km7hr50min
Paul CarolinAurasan200km7hr52min
Rebecca SandsAurasan200km8hr00min
Nigel GreyAurasan200km8hr00min
Grant CoxAurasan200km8hr00min
Gillian CritcherCresta Wheelers200km8hr00min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers200km8hr00min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers200km8hr00min
Kevin DougallAurasan200km8hr18min
James LombardAurasan200km8hr18min
Colleen LightbodyCycle Club200km8hr37min
Nick HainesComplete Cyclist200km8hr37min
Bernard KroneAurasan200km8hr50min
Anthony BennettEdenglen200km8hr50min
Trevor ThomasAurasan200km9hr25min
Ernest StippAurasan200km9hr25min
Brian RowbothamClub 100200km9hr50min
Diane GreenClub 100200km9hr50min
Margaret SkeenClub 100200km9hr50min

200km BRM 28 July 2013

We had 25 finishers. The route followed Salisbury House → Three Rivers → Heidelberg → and back to Salisbury House.

Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers200km7hr50min
Johan MeyerCenturion200km7hr50min
Andrew McMurrayClub 100200km8hr05min
Nigel LeggeROAG200km8hr05min
Henri HanekomCGC200km8hr10min
Brian RowbothamClub 100200km8hr30min
Peter GazzardCresta Wheelers200km8hr40min
Colleen BloemCycle Lab200km8hr40min
Grenville MillsComplete Cyclist200km8hr40min
Nick HainesComplete Cyclist200km8hr40min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers200km8hr45min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers200km8hr45min
Dave SewellMidrand200km8hr45min
Phillippe DecoopMidrand200km8hr45min
Leonard WeltehagenAurasan200km8hr50min
Ludwig WilnerTCS200km8hr50min
Renate EhrlichTCS200km8hr50min
Edwin JonesAurasan200km8hr51min
David HearnAurasan200km9hr00min
Darren HobsonEdenglen200km9hr00min
Brian PalmEdenglen200km9hr00min
Kyle DanielsonEdenglen200km9hr00min
Tyrone ScamtonEdenglen200km9hr00min
Chris GreenwoodEdenglen200km9hr00min
Marc BainbridgeEdenglen200km10hr00min

200km BRM 25 August 2013

We had 9 finishers. The route followed the Cresta Wheelers / Randburg Sports Club → Pelindaba → Hekpoort → Magaliesburg → Krugersdorp → and back to finish at Randburg Sports Club.

Godfrey TiedemannAurasan200km8hr39min
Louis Van BlerkAurasan200km8hr39min
Leonard WeltehagenAurasan200km8hr40min
Henri HanekomCGC200km8hr41min
Sulveigh FordCycle Link200km9hr05min
José RochaDimension Data200km9hr05min
Tienie NzenzaAurasan200km10hr05min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers200km10hr05min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers200km10hr42min

200km BRM 29 September 2013

We had 18 finishers. The route followed Circus Cafe → Heidelberg → Dasville → and back to the Circus Cafe.

Mark TessendorffCycle Lab200km7hr04min
Diane GreenClub 100200km7hr04min
Adrian GreenClub 100200km7hr04min
Nicky LebosClub 100200km7hr04min
Brian RowbothamClub 100200km7hr04min
Jan Van CrombruggeClub 100200km7hr04min
Dennis TessendorffAurasan200km7hr40min
Guillaume ErasmusAurasan200km7hr40min
Lafras HeronAurasan200km7hr40min
Gerrit VisserAurasan200km7hr40min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers200km8hr01min
Peter GazzardCresta Wheelers200km8hr01min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers200km8hr01min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers200km8hr01min
Minnie CowenAurasan200km9hr02min
Grant CowenAurasan200km9hr02min
Tienie NzenzaAurasan200km9hr02min
David ChappelowECCC200km9hr02min

300km BRM 27 October 2013

We had 9 finishers. The route followed the Lido Hotel → Vaal Truck Inn → Three Rivers → Steppes → Klipriver rd → and back to the Lido.

Nico CoetzeeCGD300km13hr00min
Leonard WelthagenAurasan300km13hr25min
Godfrey TiedemannAurasan300km13hr25min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers300km13hr25min
Michelle GahanCycle Lab300km13hr25min
Andrew McMurrayCycle Lab300km13hr25min
Nigel GreyCycle Lab300km13hr25min
Nigel LeggeROAG300km13hr25min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers300km14hr00min

200km BRM 27 October 2013

We had 22 finishers. The route followed the Lido Hotel → Dalesidae → Dasville → and back to the Lido Hotel. The whole group stayed together and everyone finished at the same time. Well done.

Peter SwanepoelAurasan200km7hr35min
Annah WatkinsonAurasan200km7hr35min
Buma CobusAurasan200km7hr35min
David KirkbyAurasan200km7hr35min
Rob WestAurasan200km7hr35min
Bradley ButlerAurasan200km7hr35min
Gray ToddAurasan200km7hr35min
Juan Von WillighAurasan200km7hr35min
Michael StoffbergAurasan200km7hr35min
Peter GazzardCresta Wheelers200km7hr35min
Mark EltringhamCycle Lab200km7hr35min
Iain MacAulayCycle Lab200km7hr35min
Jimmy MartinClub 100200km7hr35min
Nicky LebosClub 100200km7hr35min
Douwene CartwrightClub 100200km7hr35min
Bill TemblettClub 100200km7hr35min
George De AbreuClub 100200km7hr35min
Johan NiehausClub 100200km7hr35min
Charles MorrisClub 100200km7hr35min
Tony ColeClub 100200km7hr35min
Richard BakerClub 100200km7hr35min
Paul KlimczakClub 100200km7hr35min

600km BRM 23-24 November 2013

We had 4 finishers. The route followed the Lido Hotel → Heidelberg → Vaal Truck Inn → Frankfort → back through the Vaal Truck Inn → and Heidelberg → to the Lido Hotel → and the second loop went to → Nigel → Devon → Balfour → Nigel → Henley on Klip → and back to finish at the Lido.

Nico CoetzeeCGD600km34hr50min
Ernest StippAurasan600km34hr50min
Nigel GreyAurasan600km34hr50min
Michelle GahanCycle Lab600km34hr50min

200km BRM 1 December 2013

We had 11 finishers. The route followed the Randburg Sports Club → Pelindaba → Magaliesburg → Krugersdorp → and back to Randburg.

Nico CoetzeeCGC200km9hr12min
Gillian CritcherCresta Wheelers200km9hr14min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers200km9hr15min
Godfrey TiedemannAurasan200km9hr39min
Hendrick BeeslaarAurasan200km9hr39min
Barry ShawCresta Wheelers200km11hr03min
Clive CollierAurasan200km11hr28min
Tienie NzenzaAurasan200km11hr29min
Gordon De BeerAurasan200km12hr13min
Goran MusicAurasan200km12hr13min
Michael DevereuxAurasan200km12hr31min

400km BRM 15 December 2013

We had 4 finishers. The route followed the Lido Hotel → Heidelberg → Nigel → Lido Hotel → Henley on Klip → Dasville → and finish at the Lido.

Ernest StippAurasan400km20hr00min
Kenneth WilsonCresta Wheelers400km20hr00min
Gary Van Der MerweCresta Wheelers400km20hr00min
Michelle GahanCycle Lab400km20hr00min