Same as the preceding year, 1999 also had a total of 7 events. All of the events took place in the first half of the year. 1999 was also the first year that Audax South Africa participated in a PBP.


200km BRM  31 January 1999

We had 22 finishers.

Charl GrobbelaarMidrand200km7hr26min
Andrew SteenkampMidrand200km7hr26min
Karl SchultzAurasan200km7hr28min
Gideon du PlessisVaal CC200km7hr28min
Joe CrouchCresta Wheelers200km7hr45min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers200km8hr08min
William DixonCresta Wheelers200km8hr08min
Jax SnymanCresta Wheelers200km8hr08min
Gerrit PretoriusCresta Wheelers200km8hr30min
Marlene PrenticeGary Beneke200km8hr35min
Glenn PrenticeGary Beneke200km8hr35min
Emma BoschTour DXTC200km8hr35min
Per Pedersen-HoienTour DXTC200km8hr35min
Dudley SchaeferBurg Wheelers CC200km8hr35min
Edwin DednamTriangle CC200km8hr40min
Paul BaroaAurasan200km8hr47min
Dean GouveiaAurasan200km8hr47min
Ronnie PotterAurasan200km8hr47min
Rudolph de KlerkTriangle CC200km8hr48min
Nicholas CurleAurasan200km9hr57min
Johannes NhlapoVictoria Club200km10hr18min
Johan DippenaarEdenvale Pedallers200km11hr34min

300km BRM 6 February 1999

We had 6 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Bernett LaufsARSA Cape Town300km13hr44min
Trevor BartleetARSA Cape Town300km15hr41min
Joan LouwrensARSA Cape Town300km15hr41min
Paul MiddelmanARSA Cape Town300km15hr41min
Peter LamondARSA Cape Town300km15hr41min
Hannes BotesARSA Cape Town300km16hr24min

300km BRM 14 February 1999

We had 13 finishers.

Charl GrobbelaarMidrand300km12hr08min
Andrew SteenkampMidrand300km12hr08min
Joe CrouchCresta Wheelers300km12hr21min
Emmah BoschTour DXTC300km13hr08min
Per Pedersen-HoienTour DXTC300km13hr08min
Dudley SchaeferBurg Wheelers300km13hr50min
Johannes NhlapoVictoria Club300km14hr10min
Nicholas CurleAurasan300km14hr15min
William DixonCresta Wheelers300km14hr18min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers300km14hr30min
Hannes KoekemoerCresta Wheelers300km14hr30min
Jax SnymanCresta Wheelers300km14hr30min
Johan DippenaarEdenvale Pedallars300km16hr15min

400km BRM 27 March 1999

We had 17 finishers.

Charl GrobbelaarMidrand Country Cyclists400km16hr44min
Andrew SteenkampMidrand Country Cyclists400km16hr44min
Alan SnellingAlbion Wheelers400km16hr59min
Olaf WybernetFit Pro Cycling Club400km16hr59min
Trevor BartleetARSA Cape Town400km17hr08min
Joe CrouchCresta Wheelers400km17hr14min
Jax SnymanCresta Wheelers400km17hr14min
William DixonCresta Wheelers400km18hr38min
Dudley SchaeferBurg Wheelers C.C.400km18hr38min
Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers400km18hr40min
Hannes KoekemoerCresta Wheelers400km18hr40min
Harry MahieuCresta Wheelers400km18hr41min
Nico BritzGary Beneke400km18hr41min
Marlene PrenticeGary Beneke400km18hr41min
Johannes NhlapoAurasan400km19hr04min
Glenn PrenticeGary Beneke400km19hr04min
Hannes BotesARSA Cape Town400km20hr00min
Johan DippenaarEdenvale Pedallers400km20hr07min
Bernett LaufsARSA Cape Town400km20hr28min
Gerrit PretoriusCresta Wheelers400km22hr11min
Paul MiddelmanARSA Cape Town400km22hr34min
Joan LourensARSA Cape Town400km22hr34min
Peter LamondARSA Cape Town400km22hr34min

600km BRM 24 April 1999

We had 5 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Bernett LaufsARSA Cape Town600km37hr28min
Joan LouwrensARSA Cape Town600km37hr30min
Paul MiddelmanARSA Cape Town600km37hr30min
Peter LamondARSA Cape Town600km37hr30min
Hannes KoekemoerARSA Cape Town600km38hr38min

600km BRM 1 May 1999

We had 13 finishers. The route followed Roodepoort → Carletonville → Potchefstroom → Orkney → Roodepoort → Ventersdorp → and back to Roodepoort.

Charl GrobbelaarMidrand C.C.600km27hr30min
Alan SnellingAlbion Wheelers600km33hr01min
Joe CrouchCresta Wheelers600km33hr07min
Jax SnymanCresta Wheelers600km33hr07min
Dudley SchaeferBurg Wheelers600km34hr32min
Harry MahieuCresta Wheelers600km35hr12min
Gerrit PretoriusCresta Wheelers600km35hr12min
Johan DippenaarEdenvale Ped.600km35hr21min
Johannes NhlapoAurasan600km35hr45min
Dean GouveiaAurasan600km37hr05min
Nico BritzGary Beneke Sports600km37hr05min
Glenn PrenticeGary Beneke Sports600km37hr20min
Marlene PrenticeGary Beneke Sports600km37hr20min

600km BRM 29 May 1999

We had 2 finishers.

Denis BraithwaiteCresta Wheelers600km36hr20min
William DixonCresta Wheelers600km36hr20min