1998 Results

1998 saw plenty of events being held in the Western Cape, including a full 200-300-400-600 series within the short space of 8 weeks. There was a total of 7 events for the year.


300km BRM 4 April 1998

We had 8 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Name Club Distance Time
Trevor Bartleet Peninsular C.C 300km 14hr08min
Hannes Botes Individual 300km 15hr40min
Peter Barber Individual 300km 17hr03min
Howard Dinely Individual 300km 17hr03min
Peter Lamond Individual 300km 17hr03min
Simon Lamond Individual 300km 17hr03min
Mark Middelmann Individual 300km 17hr03min
Paul Middelmann Individual 300km 17hr03min

400km BRM 18 April 1998

We had 4 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Name Club Distance Time
Trevor Bartleet Peninsular C.C. 400km 17hr45min
Paul Middelman Individual 400km 22hr31min
Peter Lamond Individual 400km 22hr32min
Hannes Bekker Individual 400km 23hr35min

600km BRM 1 May 1998

We had 8 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Name Club Distance Time
Trevor Bartleet Peninsular C.C. 600km 35hr30min
Joe Crouch Cresta Wheelers 600km 37hr20min
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 600km 37hr20min
Leon du Toit Individual 600km 38hr25min
Joan Louwrens Individual 600km 39hr23min
Peter Barber Individual 600km 39hr24min
Peter Lamond Individual 600km 39hr24min
Paul Middelman Individual 600km 39hr25min

200km BRM 21 May 1998

We had 12 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Name Club Distance Time
Rudi Vorster Individual 200km 9hr13min
Trevor Bartleet Peninsular C.C. 200km 9hr33min
John Taylor Cresta Wheelers 200km 9hr33min
Hannes Botes Individual 200km 9hr45min
Paul Middelman Individual 200km 9hr48min
Mark Middelman Individual 200km 9hr48min
Simon Lamond Individual 200km 9hr53min
Peter Lamond Individual 200km 9hr53min
Joan Louwrens Individual 200km 9hr53min
Terence George Pettit Individual 200km 10hr02min
Peter Barber Individual 200km 10hr03min
Howard Dinely Individual 200km 10hr07min

200km BRM 1 November 1998

We had 52 finishers.

Name Club Distance Time
Johan Sarakis Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 7hr24min
Thomas Prins Aurasan 200km 7hr34min
Arno Von Mausberg Beneke Sports 200km 7hr34min
Pieter Zandberg Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 7hr34min
Carl Lotter Edenvale Pedallers 200km 7hr53min
George Kouverellis Aurasan 200km 8hr03min
William Dixon Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr06min
Roger Drok Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr14min
Mike Nelson Midrand C.C. 200km 8hr14min
Neels V.D.Walt Aurasan 200km 8hr21min
Steven Jacobs Beneke Sports 200km 8hr26min
Bokkie Grobler Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr26min
Hans Herger Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr26min
Carel Petrus De Villiers Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr26min
V.D. Westhuisen Triangle C.C. 200km 8hr26min
David Hunter Aurasan 200km 8hr27min
Arthur Shorter Aurasan 200km 8hr27min
Mauritz Boshoff Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr27min
Des Fourie Samcor 200km 8hr27min
Alan Snelling Albion Wheelers 200km 8hr29min
Harry Mahieu Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr37min
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr37min
William Foxcroft Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr41min
Paul Nel Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr41min
Megan Nel Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 8hr41min
Kevin Craig Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr55min
Fabio La Mantia Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr55min
Nando La Mantia Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr55min
Nicholas Rofuzana Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr55min
Wendell Bole Wits Cycling Assoc. 200km 8hr55min
Andrew Costello Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr56min
Sheldon Bole Wits Cycling Assoc. 200km 8hr56min
Denzil Snow Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr57min
Olaf Wybernet Omega Wheelers 200km 8hr57min
Nicholas Curle Aurasan 200km 8hr57min
Ryan Hintze Aurasan 200km 8hr57min
Marlene Prentice Beneke Sports 200km 9hr00min
Glenn Prentice Beneke Sports 200km 9hr00min
Venoit Daragon Aurasan 200km 9hr05min
Peter Carse Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 9hr05min
Edward Thomlinson Aurasan 200km 9hr07min
Gerhardt Harmse Aurasan 200km 9hr09min
Hannes Koekemoer Cresta Wheelers 200km 9hr09min
Flippie Hattingh Triangle C.C. 200km 9hr09min
Marius Renison Triangle C.C. 200km 9hr09min
Barend Keyter Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 9hr16min
Nicholas Gadzios Cresta Wheelers 200km 9hr25min
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta Wheelers 200km 9hr49min
Steven Higley Aurasan 200km 10hr21min
Zacharius De Beer Beneke Sports 200km 11hr08min
André Viljoen Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 11hr12min
Jacques Van Rooyen Riverside Pedal Pals 200km 11hr50min

300km BRM 5 December 1998

We had 32 finishers. The route followed F1 Benoni → Pretoria → Delmas → Bronkhorstspruit → Cullinan → Erasmia → Irene → Delmas → Springs → Centurion → Erasmia → Irene → Delmas → Springs → Benoni.

Name Club Distance Time
Jeremy Pougnet Audax 300km 10hr56min
Olaf Wybernet Omega Wheelers 300km 11hr55min
Alan Snelling Albion 300km 11hr55min
Gary Bloch Audax 300km 12hr55min
Jocelyn Bradley Capri 300km 12hr55min
Mark Sack Capri 300km 12hr55min
Leon Tobias Capri 300km 12hr55min
Harry Mahieu Cresta 300km 13hr02min
Jax Snyman Cresta 300km 13hr02min
Dean Gouveia Audax 300km 13hr15min
Nico Britz Beneke Sports 300km 13hr15min
Joe Crouch Cresta 300km 13hr17min
Gerrit Pretorius Cresta 300km 13hr22min
Herman Timmerman Speke 300km 13hr22min
Marlene Prentice Beneke Sports 300km 13hr23min
Glenn Prentice Beneke Sports 300km 13hr23min
Emmah Bosch Tour DXTC 300km 13hr29min
Di Clark Capri 300km 14hr10min
Stanley Engelberg Capri 300km 14hr10min
Jack Mintz Capri 300km 14hr10min
Allan Peck Capri 300km 14hr10min
Cecil Shainfeld Capri 300km 14hr10min
Greg Mawdsley Edenvale 300km 14hr35min
Andrew Costello Omega Wheelers 300km 15hr00min
Ryan Hintze Omega Wheelers 300km 15hr00min
Nando La Mantia Omega Wheelers 300km 15hr00min
Neels Van der Walt Audax 300km 15hr00min
Rob Fricke Audax 300km 15hr00min
Harry Mallet-Veale Mr Price- Rockies 300km 15hr05min
Paul van Zijl Simera 300km 16hr10min
Bart Verheyen Simera 300km 16hr12min
Deon Vijoen Simera 300km 16hr12min

200km BRM 9 December 1998

We had 10 finishers. This event was held in the Western Cape.

Name Club Distance Time
Richard Chesterton Individual 200km 8hr10min
Trevor Bartleet Individual 200km 8hr10min
Bennett Laufs Individual 200km 8hr17min
Joan Louwrens Individual 200km 9hr50min
Paul Middelman Individual 200km 9hr50min
Peter Lamond Individual 200km 9hr50min
Hannes Botes Individual 200km 9hr50min
Simon Lamond Individual 200km 9hr50min
Jan de Clercq Ocean Wheelers 200km 9hr50min
John Tarlor Ocean Wheelers 200km 9hr50min