1997 Results

1997 was the year that Audax started in South Africa, and it saw only the 2 events – a 200km in February and a 400km in December.

Lido Hotel

Below the entrance of the Lido Hotel – an appropriate starting point for our record of results, as so many AudaxSA events started here over the years.


200km BRM 16 February 1997

We had a total of 34 finishers – 31 male and 3 female. The route followed Lido → Heidelberg → Deneysville → Vereeniging → Lido.

Name Club Distance Time
Hadley McCormick Aurasan 200km 8hr07min
Robin Eckhout Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr07min
Ken Fowler Germiston Wheelers 200km 8hr07min
Neville Henry Premier Group 200km 8hr07min
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr19min
Joe Crouch Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr27min
Saul Binda Aurasan 200km 8hr32min
Robert Fuchs Aurasan 200km 8hr32min
Robert Leighton Germiston Wheelers 200km 8hr34min
Peter Zeelie Vaal Cycling Club 200km 8hr36min
Deon Du Plessis Premier and Centuriom 200km 8hr40min
Derek Bergmann Aurasan 200km 8hr48min
Denis Braithwaite Cresta Wheelers 200km 8hr48min
Fabio La Mantia Omega Wheelers 200km 9hr51min
Nando La Mantia Omega Wheelers 200km 9hr51min
Alan Snelling Albion Wheelers 200km 9hr51min
James Drummond Rockhoppers MBC 200km 10hr04min
Ingeborg Maschek Germiston Wheelers 200km 10hr16min
Paul Oberhansu Aurasan 200km 10hr20min
Annetjie Strydom Vaal Cycling Club 200km 10hr22min
Werner Fey Aurasan 200km 10hr42min
Rudi Meyer Aurasan 200km 11hr01min
Edward Thomlinson Aurasan 200km 11hr04min
Nicholas Rofuzana Omega Wheelers 200km 11hr25min
Mervyn Abel Germiston Wheelers 200km 11hr37min
James John Warrington Omega Wheelers 200km 11hr54min
Arthur Doyle Vaal Cycling Club 200km 12hr05min
Trevor Nienaber Vaal Cycling Club 200km 12hr05min
Andrew Costello Omega Wheelers 200km 12hr24min
Denzil Snow Omega Wheelers 200km 12hr24min
Roland Shapiro Omega Wheelers 200km 12hr24min
Dennis Armstrong Omega Wheelers 200km 12hr24min
Paul Gould Cresta Wheelers 200km 12hr29min
Joan Swart Cresta Wheelers 200km 12hr29min

400km BRM 6 December 1997

We had a total of 43 finishers – 40 male and 3 female. The route followed F1 Benoni → Bapsfontein → Delmas → Bronkhorstspruit → Centurion → Erasmia → Hartebeespoort → Krugersdorp → Sandton → Delmas → Springs → Benoni.

Name Club Distance Time
Megan Nel Riverside 400km 18hr05min
Sempie Swanepoel S.A.A. 400km 18hr35min
Jirale Krige S.A.A. 400km 18hr35min
André Steenkamp Individual 400km 18hr35min
Dave Sewell Midrand 400km 18hr56min
Philip Stevens Premier 400km 19hr04min
Riday Buccer Gary Beneke 400km 20hr01min
Keith Rundgen Gary Beneke 400km 20hr06min
Kevin Hohwe Gary Beneke 400km 20hr06min
Marlene Prentice Gary Beneke 400km 20hr06min
Tony Da Silva Gary Beneke 400km 20hr06min
Stephen Higley Riverside 400km 20hr06min
Ryan Hintze Omega Wheelers 400km 20hr52min
Olaf Wybernet Omega Wheelers 400km 20hr52min
Alan Snelling Albion Wheelers 400km 20hr52min
Thomas Van Rooyen Germiston 400km 22hr17min
Rory Van Rooyen Germiston 400km 22hr17min
Hannes Koekemoer Cresta Wheelers 400km 23hr01min
George Corbett Westgate 400km 23hr01min
Robert Stevens Westgate 400km 23hr01min
Alan Hales F.W.B. 400km 23hr48min
Henri Joubert First Wheelers 400km 23hr48min
Roland Shapiro Omega Wheelers 400km 25hr06min
Jeffrey Pienaar Premier 400km 25hr06min
Robert Fricke Individual 400km 25hr25min
David Querida Riverside 400km 25hr35min
Kinnie Mienie Riverside 400km 25hr35min
Kees Toet Riverside 400km 25hr35min
Larie Macpherson Riverside 400km 25hr35min
Bokkie Grobler Riverside 400km 25hr35min
Adelle Beneke Riverside 400km 25hr35min
William Foxcroft Riverside 400km 25hr35min
Christi Botha Simera 400km 25hr45min
Jax Snyman Cresta Wheelers 400km 25hr45min
Godfrey Tiedmemaan S.A.A. 400km 25hr46min
Philip Meyer Simera 400km 25hr50min
Gary Murphy Simera 400km 25hr50min
Christo Wentzel Greenpoint 400km 26hr05min
Henco Mienie Individual 400km 26hr05min
Daniel Swanepoel Individual 400km 26hr05min
Denzil Snow Omega Wheelers 400km 26hr24min
Andrew Costello Omega Wheelers 400km 26hr24min
Peter Cloete Riverside 400km 26hr40min